Monday, August 10, 2009

The Day....Has Come...

Finally, the day for my group to ‘act’ as teachers has come. That was the day I was waiting for since 2 weeks ago. I thought our turn would be last week but maybe it was because of the time constraint that made us to postpone our simulated teaching. And thanks for that ‘postpone’. It gave us an opportunity to ‘refresh’ our lesson plan. Due to that, we were able to revise all over again and made some changes on it.

Compressing a whole-1-hour lesson into 20 minutes was really difficult. At first, I thought that we wouldn’t be able to do it. But thanks to my group members, Ayuni, Faustina and not forget Syamimi. With their helps and our teamwork, we have done quite a good job even though I was not presenting on that day. But one thing for sure is, that was my first experience in planning and teaching a science lesson. Never do it before. During my time in ‘maktab’, the only thing that I learned was the contents. Of course the lecturers have taught us about teaching approaches but we never had a chance to apply it. So in here, the contents ‘embedded’ in my brain finally ‘function’. I hope there will be much more work like this. It’s a good practice for me to become a teacher.