Monday, July 20, 2009

ICT?? What?? How??

An interesting lesson should be embedded with lots of interactive things for instance, the use of ICT. That is what I believe in. In reality, the use of ICT is not an alien anymore. ICT is being implemented in everywhere and every time in the world including education. As a platform of spreading knowledge, ICT has evolved into many terms, not necessarily to be internet. The word technology itself means things that help people in facing their lives. As what I learned in Mr. Fauzi’s class last week, the implementation of technology in teaching and learning process is vital, but not an obligatory. For me myself, the opportunity is in front of me and what I just have to do is to ‘ride’ it. For instance is the use of CD-Rom in teaching process. The technology is provided but teachers who use it are very few. I admit that planning a lesson and using CD-Rom in teaching is very difficult, yet challenging things to do. Even though most of the contents in the CD-Rom are in the text books, it should be the second ‘weapon’ for teachers. As what I have experienced, young children get bored easily when they are learning especially if the learning requires them to think. That is when this ‘device’ should come in. Most teachers misunderstand the use of CD-Rom. They use it to replace themselves which is totally a big ‘NO’. Some of them do not know how and when to use CD-Rom while teaching. For me, CD-Rom can be used in anytime during the teaching. Even though it looks like a normal educational video clips but actually it is also interactive. Depends on how teachers manipulate when using it…