Saturday, July 25, 2009

Learn by yourselves..

Preparing a lesson is very difficult for me. Even though I have been doing it since the past 3 years, I still consider it as difficult. Huhu. Talking about preparing a lesson, last week my group was assigned to plan a science lesson and present it during the class hour. By integrating it with ICT and technology (I mean the use of CD-Rom), my mind went blank for a moment. It was not the technology that turned me blurred, but how am I supposed to plan and teach a lesson without knowing any pedagogy input in my head? My first thought was planning a lesson just like an English lesson. It would be appropriate but at one moment, I flashed back a science lesson carried out by a teacher during my SEP time. I remembered that she told me to use constructivism to teach science. So I made up my mind to plan a lesson by using this approach.
What is constructivism? I know that it is a method that urges young learners to construct their own knowledge. But I don’t know how to carry out a lesson by using it. Hurm. Then I read some books and searched in the internet and then found something interesting about constructivism. So I decided to teach year 5 with a topic ‘LIGHT’ as a trial.
When I was presenting the lesson plan, together with my group members, I figured out that my lesson was not perfect in presenting the constructivism approach. En Fauzi commented on it and said that we should revise the lesson properly. I took it as a way to improve myself. So, I need to spend my weekend preparing the lesson for my simulated teaching next week (poor my leisure time…huhu….). Never mind. As a student, I know that I need to sacrifice my time to study (24 hours is not enough for me). It’s ok as long as my goal is achieved…one day later (becoming a good English and science teacher)