Monday, July 13, 2009

My BUT… and AND...

Learning science is interesting. Learning technology is also interesting. BUT… learning science with technology at the same time is REALLY interesting. Haha. Integrating the knowledge seems to be difficult at first. But later I found that it is not that difficult. My first impression when I entered my first science class was “head-aching”. I was asked to create a blog. The main reason is to share. I did not really get what my lecturer wants at that time. By using my existing blog, which I have not used it for over a year, my heart said, “It’s going to be boring”. BUT… when I think back, it is not going to boring if I have a lot of things to write. Yes. I have a lot of things to write in my “processor”, and to share especially with my friends. Science to me is a miracle. Science would be either logic or illogic. People are always attracted with non-logic things. AND… that is what I want to write. I hope I will get something interesting in this science class, something that I can write and share with others especially non-logic things. Hahaha… Since that class was the first class, not much things I have learned. Mr Fauzi only touched a bit about science knowledge on that day. The rest, he talked about how to be a “smart” learner using a story “The Hare and The Rabbit”. Even though the story is meant for young children, BUT… the way he told the story was really “brainstorming”. I didn’t really put my attention on the story at first. The message is simple but the way he delivered the message has caught my mind and my eyes. In the end, I said,” You are right”. The most important thing a student, specifically a science student, must have which is cooperation. To be a smart learner, I know that I have to cooperate with my friends. AND… I hope 26 of us could be together and help each other to succeed.